just drop your dress a little bit…

When I lived in Australia, Skyping with my family was the sunshine for me.  Seeing my family was great, needed… but my daddy really stole the stage.

He would have a pile of props [unseen from the shot] and use them in a conversation filled with more puns than your own dad has used in all his life in that one conversation.  Example…

– Now, Rocky, I’m not HORSIN’ around…

[picks up a toy horse and makes it gallop across the screen.]

– Your mom and I have been going HOG-wild at the thought of talking to you.

[makes a stuffed pig and shakes it in front of the screen.]

And I would try not to laugh [old teenage instinct], but I couldn’t help myself… and I could hear my momma not helping herself in the background… her laugh making the room brighter.

Oh, how thankful I was for that webcam.  And I remember that webcam well… I remember the day [to night] I installed it very vividly… what a pain that was.

Cursing under my breath like no one would believe…

– How old is this sh*tty computer!?  Did we even have f**king moving-pictures when this damn thing was made?!

New parts, new programs, updates, taking apart some things, putting some things together… and then, HOURS later… voilá!  It worked!

Thank god.

So, when I saw this video, I immediately thought of my parents.  In 25 years, if I’m not in the vicinity to offer up my cursing-filled help, and my parents need to install a new webcam in their “vacation home”, this is what that will look like…

I love you, Momma and Daddy.

Let’s Skype soon.

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