when they ask me where i’m from…

Evan officially moved in a couple days ago.

It’s so exciting.

I talked to a friend on the phone tonight and he asked…

– Does Evan have a job yet?

– No… But we have a lot of rice, so I think we’ll survive.

We laughed at how poor we are but how much we love this life, this apartment, this rice, this wine [vinho verde, mom!], this stoop, this kitchen, this song…

Momma, do you know that song?  You should.  Band of Horses covering CeeLo… I mean, it should pretty much be your favorite.  And you can substitute “Georgetown” for “Georgia.”

Lovin’ it.  Lovin’ Missoula.

I didn’t know this place could get more awesome… and then Evan moved in.  [and THAT is how sappy this blahg gets… eat. it. up.]

1 thought on “when they ask me where i’m from…”

  1. I was thinking the other day, there’s a band that’s missing at ACL. It’s that band I said was my new favorite. Yes, Band of Horses! Then the whole KGSR lunch concert and poster embellishing came back to me. Thanks for the song. Well, Missoula’s about to get better! See you at the end of the week.
    love you,you too,evan
    ps i love rice and vinho verde

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