for now.

social internetting is HARD these days! complaining about nothing = everything is awesome.  [remember that.] i am completely obsessed with this project... [side note: in this life, sometime, i will design posters like these and wear dresses like these...] totally ob-sessed. these all come from here: and i was informed of them via my… Continue reading for now.

where wine comes from!

I am a sucker for free things.  I'll take it!  I'll do that!  Sure, I'll eat that! So, I won a two week pass to The Womens Club from a raffle from a 5k Momma and I did whilst she was in town.  I answered the phone call and when they told me I had… Continue reading where wine comes from!

thank you for sharing.

Momma was here for a bit over a week. It was amazing.  Wonderful.  Everything.  Love. We did so much.  But most importantly, we laughed, danced and loved. I really had a hard time taking her to the airport. When we hugged goodbye at security, we hugged tight.  Couldn't let go.  We were quiet, trying to… Continue reading thank you for sharing.