thank you for sharing.

Momma was here for a bit over a week.

It was amazing.  Wonderful.  Everything.  Love.

We did so much.  But most importantly, we laughed, danced and loved.

I really had a hard time taking her to the airport.

When we hugged goodbye at security, we hugged tight.  Couldn’t let go.  We were quiet, trying to gather ourselves, hold back tears.  My mom finally composed, took a few breaths and said in my ear…

– I love you so much.  Thank you for sharing your life with me.

I cried a bit harder, not knowing what to say.  Then told her how much I loved her and we eventually parted ways.

When I got to the car, I cried more and I thought at the phrase, “Thank you for sharing your life with me.”

Wow.  From my mother.  Momma, you ARE my life.  You are the life within me.  The brightness of my being.  Thank YOU for wanting to be a part of this messy, beautiful life of mine.

A life filled with constant striving. [except for nap time.]

A life with a soundtrack. [riddled with bad pop music… but mostly the good stuff…]

A life with goals.

A life with ambitions.

I’ve been feeling on the verge of something bigger.  Something that takes the creative energy I’ve bottled up for so long now.  It’s part of that life.

That life I want to share…

…even more than this one.

[it is a good life now; i can’t wait for it to get better.]

One of the things my Momma and I did…

After eating the most delicious eggplant curry made by the most amazing chef and a pretty damn good boyfriend [same person], enjoying local radio tunes, smiles, toasts, we danced into the night laughing our way to being even more in love with each other.

And mostly to this song…

[kinda the most amazing thing.]

2 thoughts on “thank you for sharing.”

  1. After trying to recap my wonderful visit to Missoula,several people asked me what was my favorite part of the trip. Walking along the beautiful hike and bike trail and then entering into one of the most quaint and vibrant downtown areas I’ve ever been,overwhelmed me with joy.Each day had more than its share of fun,excitement and beauty,both in places and people.Missoula is awesome and I’m so happy that you landed there. But hands-down,my greatest pleasure was kitchen dancing with you,Rachel.They say the best party is in your own backyard.More than the place,it’s the person.I so enjoyed my time with you.Thanks for everything.

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