downhill! downhill! downhill!

Sometimes people come along in your life that make you want to move.

Make you want to adventure.

Make you want to be free.

Make you want to do it…  screw it…  just do it.

I met Michelle and Ryan through work.

And them?  They inspire…

They’re staying at my place for the night… and I’m loving it.

Wish they could stay.

Wish we could go.

Stories of the road.

Of characters.

Of freedom.

So nice to meet new people…

Make new friends…

[oh, it’s all so warm inside.]

2 thoughts on “downhill! downhill! downhill!”

  1. Rachel! You are amazing. Thank you so much for your words and for taking us in! We had a great time with you and Evan during our short stay. We too wish we could have stayed longer:( We’ll definitely keep in touch with you guys as our journey continues. Hopefully we’ll get to host you one day, when you do decide to take that adventure;) Pura vida chica!

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