what was that world i was dreaming of?

Things have been foggy [from the day/nyquil], but oh, so beautiful.  It’s like my body told me to slow down, stop being so worried about tomorrow, next week, next month, forever from now.

Made me remember a lot of loveliness.

Then I heard this song and fell in love again…

and thought of my dearest friend, Lisa…

and how she showed me these: http://www.squareinchdesign.com/category/childrens-story-posters/

and how i think they are magnificent.

and how i want to give her this to hang on her Christmas tree so she thinks of me: rocky raccoon.

and she would give me this to hang on my Christmas tree so I think of her: a dear deer.

and the simplest thoughts brought me back to where I am, who I am.

[what was that world i was dreaming of?]

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