get uncomfy.

not much time to talk…

unless by, “talking”, you mean, “let’s cuddle in bed… whilst watching re-runs of 30 Rock… whilst rapidly falling asleep”… then, yes, let’s talk.

a handful of exciting things…

an illustration of mine published to a fashion magazine’s blahg.  awesome article, christy!  xxo.  <–click, click, boom.

the other day, whilst riding my bike to work… i slipped on the ice and fell… hard.  but it’s all okay because my favorite dj from my favorite radio station gave me a shout-out [<–click, click, boom.]… and then all kinds of cycling organizations started calling up the station and asking for requests.  i loved it.  this is the song i requested:

well, now, this just looks like the best. 

dear wes anderson, don’t you favorite-disappoint me like miranda july did with “the future.”  ya hear?  xxo,r.

25 Female Graphic Designers Who Kick Ass and Have in Turn Made Me Pledge to Myself to Step It Up. <–click, click, boom.

gonna get a bit uncomfy this weekend.  maybe i’ll tell you all about it.

oh, and ex-ci-ting things are happening tomorrow-ish.  exciting for a geek like me.

stay tuned.

much love, lovelies.

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