make your body happy through exercise.

Being sick all weekend has lent itself to a-lot of movie watching.

And while it’s a huge bummer that Evan and I didn’t get to get out there this weekend for the last bit of the Big Sky Documentary Film Fest, we did get to see some good ones.  And my fave shorts are online!

I am slightly in love with this guy… mainly because he’s hilarious… but also because I met his super sweet uncle before the showing…

And then there was a short about people who love the Insane Clown Posse.  Yep.  I really didn’t think I would want to see this film, but it was one of my favorite films…

It’s a different life, for sure.  But, who are we to judge, right?  A family is a family.  Good for them for finding something like that.

That is all right now.

I promise to start blahgging more in life soon.  Not as much for you, but for me.  I like it.  I like it a-lot.

Here’s this, though.  Something to end with…

Something I need to remind myself of pretty constantly.


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