in the first moments.

Yesterday, I went for a forty-five mile bike ride with some lovelies and my bearded manfriend.  It was very casual: pie, beer, conversation the whole way.

It’s so easy when you’re on a bicycle.  So easy to notice the beauty.  How beautiful the clouds are.  How cool that old sign is.  How crazy those ski lines in the distance are.  How awesome that formation of birds is.

It’s harder when you’re at a desk.  Everything is harder at a desk… except for making money.

So, I’ve been making an effort at my desk.  Noticing beauty.  Noticing ugliness.  Writing.  Feeling.  Trying.  Documenting.

I keep a work notebook with me at all times… projects… ideas… and now, these things…


It’s from the other morning.  I have a view into an alley on one side of my desk.  You see some pretty interesting things in an alley sometimes.

It’s all trying.  And I give myself an “E” for “eff yes.”

Trying to keep the inspiration awareness alive.  Trying.

At the desk, This American Lifes help…

And thinking of my June/July Michigan/Chicago/Italy/Greece vacay helps.

I think I’ll need this dress


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