the themed patterns of nowness.

I find that there are themed patterns in my nowness that I vividly recognize.

Comfort/Sameness, Newness/Excitement, Inspiration/Aspiration.  Repeat.


I have been with this boy for two whole years.  [on saturday.]


That boy.  The one in the other room working.  Working on things.  Working on bikes.  Tools.  Giving it his all.

We still laugh at the most ridiculous things.  We are singing the same made up songs [with the same made up dances] about nothings/everythings in our lives.

We hold each other every night, even when we don’t want to.  Even when we [i] cry all evening and we have long, cold silences after short talks about how we just don’t know things, everything is just so hard… we still go to sleep and can’t help but embrace.  Comfort.  Love.

We still sing along to every word of our same favorites… just like we did in March two years ago…


This Missoula thing is still new.  Still exciting.  Every outing outside of work feels new.

I am going to Europe for the first time ever this summer.  I am going to be with my best friend ever, Lisa, in Italy and then we’re off to a Greek isle to celebrate her birthday.  It’s been hard to contain my excitement in every day life.  All I want to do is wrap myself up in the anticipation of this newness.

These new songs, even, somehow, they make me more excited about this upcoming adventure…

[that video is pretty great.]

[that video i cannot say the same about.]


Tonight, Adventure Cycling helped Jacob Segel-Boettner with a screening of his film With My Own Two Wheels.  Wow.  It was so inspiring.

Bikes are powerful.  This film showed how they can be tools that I had never fathomed before.  I highly encourage you to take 42 minutes out of your day to watch it.

The film is beautiful.  Makes me want to make films.  Makes me want to tell more stories.  Makes me want to find stories.  Makes me want to listen.  Makes me want to go do something.

Biking home from the film, the city was alive with bicycles.  Evan and I pulled up to a stop light and not too long after, another cyclist pulled up.

– Did you guys just get outta that bike movie?

– Yeah, we did.  Wasn’t that great?

– Oh, yeah, so good.  It kinda made me feel spoiled.

– Totally.  It’s like, “Why am I not doing that?”

All things to consider.  Inspiring.  Aspiring.

It’s what keeps us moving when the comfort turns into watching How I Met Your Mother in bed over and over and the excitement turns into Pinterest rampages and social networking that makes one, oh, so antisocial.

[i like this pattern.  let’s keep this up.]

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