triannual torrential.

Things have been up and down and beautiful and sleepy and tough and smiley.


Wondering about blahgging:

“It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.” – Mark Twain.

Should I be keeping my mouth shut more?

Ah, well.


Favorite song right now…


I worked in the garden the other day for the first time… in… well… ever.

‘Twas a blast.  Especially with some Dig beer by New Belgium.  My new trend is to drink beers themed after my favorite activities.  Case in point.


The other day at work, I had to cry… like, really cry… and when that happens, I like to quote Tina Fey…

“…I’m not supposed to admit that there is a triannual torrential sobbing in my office, because it’s bad for the feminist cause. It makes it harder for women to be taken seriously in the workplace. My crying three times a year doesn’t distract me from my job any more than my male coworkers get distracted watching March Madness…”

It’s true.

After finishing up the tears, I had a meeting with a guy friend at work and he asked what was up.  I told him that I allow myself three cries a year at work…

– But you’ve cried twice today…


You just have to have a good cry every once in a while.


The other day, I showed up to spin class early.  A woman was on the bike next to me and we were warming up.  Those bikes are really close… uncomfortably close.

I noticed that I kinda smelled bad… repeat work-out clothes… whoops.

The woman next to me finally broke the silence and said…

– Thank god that smell is finally starting to go away.

– Oh, sorry, that was probably me.

– What?

– That smell… it’s me… sorry.

– What?  No, they painted in here last week.

– Ohhhhhhhkay… yes, the paint.  THAT smell… THANK GOD it’s gone!


My best friend and I are going to go to Greece this summer when I’m visiting her in Italy.  We booked a room at this fancy pants place:

I told her I’m so excited about beaches and pools and sunshine, and I’ll try to play it cool, but in reality, this is what I’ll look like:


And this is for all my literary lovelies…


Oh, also, I think “The Skin I Live In” is the best movie I’ve seen by far thus far in 2012.


Oh, also, this is this here blahg’s 500th post!  What!  What!  wull haaaaaay…

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