cleaning up.

I love the creative nights, but my goodness, they are messy.

Why can’t I be the graphic designer who has a home that looks like this?…

[found here.]

Instead, I’m sitting in the living room with the following on the floor:

• multiple newspapers… some scrunched, some not.

• two bikes… neither complete.

• a bag of cotton balls.

• a childrens book with semi-freshly spilled wine upon it.

• a frisbee.

• a typewriter.  [side note: there’s another typewriter in the room… not on the floor… they’re taking over.]

It really is a mess.  You are not invited over for dinner.  Give us a couple days; then we’d be happy to have you.

In the internet world, the looks of things are changing… cleaning up.

What do you think?

Now, you can run all the bases.  What do you think of my Second Base?  Think it’s all my best goods?  Anything I’m missing?

You let me know.

Until then, I’ll keep finding things and other things that inspire…

And I’ll keep on keeping on.  Working hard.  Creating.

[goodnight, loves.]

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