find your path with love lit.

The other night, I needed to see a movie by myself.

It happens.  Needed to be my own date.

I saw Jeff, Who Lives at Home.  It was wonderful.  So real.  I saw it at the pub theater in town. 

After drinking my first beer [my favorite beer], the film cut out… cut off.  I quickly jumped up to tell the guy in the lobby it had cut out… and get a second beer.  Either the movie was amazingly real/wonderful, or I cry at every movie, or the second beer really got to me… or all of the above… but I cried.  Real life is easier to see on film sometimes.

Then last night, after saying goodbye to Josh and Sarah [which I hated… they left Adventure Cycling to go on an amazing bike trip from Alaska to Mexico]…

Image[oh, also, they’re getting married next year!]

Okay, so, after their awesome goodbye party, Evan and I attended This American Life Live here at the Roxy Theater.  My goodness, my goodness, I loved it!


I want to share it all… but that might be a little much.  So, I’ll share two beautiful things…

The First…

Vivian Maier.

Another artist who became famous after their passing.  She had no surviving family, no boyfriends, no girlfriends, no one to really speak for her work.  Vivian was a street photographer… her work discovered by a man who bid on her storage unit after she stopped making payments.  What did he find in there?

A lot of crap… hundreds of newspapers…

And THOUSANDS of slides.  THOUSANDS.  On most days, she took one to three rolls of film a day.  She saw beauty in so many ordinary moments.  Found it.

Here are some of my faves…

ImageImageImageImageImageThe last one is [obviously] a self-portrait of Vivian Maier.  I felt so connected.  So intrusive.  The people who knew here a little bit, said she would hate hate hate the world seeing her work.  But sorry I’m not sorry… I love it.

The Second…

Monica Bill Barnes & Company.

I wish wish I could find the two dances they did on the interwebs.

They were hilarious, beautiful, amazing, expressive[x10], alive.  Alive. 

That’s just a snippet of their performance.  My favorite dance was done to this song…


The dancers reminded me of my dancer friend, Karly, from middle school, high school, and now.  She’s such an incredible dancer and a beautiful soul.  Her dancing is raw and she lives her life with love lighting her way. 

The performance made me feel closer to my old friend, to who I was in middle school, to souls who light their paths with love.  It’s a feeling hard to find… and it found me.

[find your path with love lit.]


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