hand it back to us.



[photo by Kate Lazuka.]

That photo above is of my darling brother and mother circa 1994.  It’s me, my sister, and him… the children in the fam.

Some oldies, yet goodies, for Momma this year.

To a mother who has given us her all, given us her heart, let us break it over and over only to have her put it back together and hand it back to us…

To a mother who taught us how to laugh, taught us how to dance, taught us how to lead our lives with love…

To a mother who has supported us, been there, through our hopes, dreams, downfalls, darkness…

Thank you.  Thank you for being you and, in turn, helping us be us.

We love you.

Happy Mother’s Day, Momma!

2 thoughts on “hand it back to us.”

  1. Billy Collins, you genius you! The perfect sentiments. Thanks once again, Rachel.

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