move with eyes open.

Yesterday, while working at my desk, I had a little internal dialog with myself…

Okay, tomorrow’s my birthday… how old am I turning again? 27. Oh, 27? I’m just gettin’ started!

I loved this genuine interaction with myself.

It does feel like I’m just getting started… just finally figuring out the beginning of figuring out this part of life.

It’s been a banner year… one for the books… pretty amazing. Besides moving away from a community and landscape that I love and all the hardness that comes with change, being 26 was so wonderful to me.

So, as I sit in my Missoula bed for the first time on my birthday, the window open, the community radio station on the alarm — telling me it’s past time to move with eyes open, I am thankful for this life, this last year, the loves that fill the days, the excitement of 27…

…I’m just getting started.

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