looming in my life.

This trip is somehow coming to a close… something I cannot fathom.

There were a hundred and one moments that felt premeditated. Felt like they’ve been looming in my life, waiting to come into play in my life, waiting to shine.

These moments.

Sometimes the simplest moments. Sometimes the funniest. Sometimes the most love. Sometimes it’s sitting in a cave that has been a wine bar for centuries, talking with your best friend in the world about love. Telling her about how your parents met, about their love. How my dad had to leave after a couple drinks to go work on his art show and my mom chased him out of the bar and stopped him. Stopped him just to tell him that she was proud of him. How my dad recounts it as the first time anyone told him they were proud of him. How he knew he loved her right then.

Breaking down crying in a cave because of love with my best friend in the world… the moment was so proud… it was his time to shine.

One of many supposed-to-be moments from this trip that I never, ever want to forget. Love that traveled all the way from a bar parking lot in Austin to a cave in London 34 years later.

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