it takes me away.

i am thoroughly obsessed with this: Wes Anderson’s color palette.

Image[made by beth matthews.]

as soon as it came out, i’ve been drawn to the color palette of Life Aquatic. that silver-ish light blue, the aqua, the gold. even as recently as trying to figure out what color of paint to try something like this with my dresser, i thought, “i want something Life Aquatic-esque.”

but then i saw this and really loved Moonrise Kingdom’s colors… maybe even more… okay, i love Rushmore’s too.

oh, Wes Anderson, will i ever not be in love with you? i hope not.

[p.s. i am upset they didn’t include Bottle Rocket.]

[p.p.s. Lisa pointed out this very Wes Anderson-esque hotel to me in Italy.]

other things i’m currently obsessed with? oh, i’m so glad you asked…


[cat power always makes me think of ash.]


[this song is on repeat.]


[the new shwood look-book video is radtown… i love it. especially because i love my shwoods.]


[i’m real excited about this movie.]


[oh, also, for work, i wrote a blahg post about my lone bike ride on my vacay:
          A Taste of Cycling in Italy.]

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