all the tiny floodgates.

Sitting up, way too late… waiting for animation/videos to upload. Thinking about getting coffee last week and having a conversation with one of my fave baristas…

– Hi, I’m here for my second round.

– Oh, that’s right, you started school. How’s it going?

– Pretty good.

– Is this your only semester or do you have one more?

– [almost choking with sad laughter] Uh, I have five more semesters.


Is it worth it? God, I hope so.

Is it fun? Sometimes.

Is it making me look like an out-of-shape vampire? Definitely.

Is it opening all the tiny floodgates within me, so that creativity can flood and soak my insides? Absolutely.

There is one class that I need to make a banner for every week. Since I am the banner queen, I very much enjoy this…

Yes, that last banner is from Eternal Sunshine. Yes, I got to talk about one of my favorite movies in class today. This higher education sometimes feels like a conversation with a stranger at a dinner party, but I love it.

I’m doing it.

I’m delirious.

Time to listen to this song one last time…

…and hit the hay.

[much love to you: dreamers and makers and lovers.]

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