men I’m mildly obsessed with right now…

I try really hard not to be too obsessed with Ira Glass. I mean, how unoriginal? But I keep catching myself using the phrase, “Do you listen to This American Life?” in conversations with friends and strangers alike.

And then he made a cameo in this awesome video of this awesome song by Thao and the Get Down Stay Down:

[this is also amazing.]

And then I go for a run and listen to the amazingly compelling story of Dr. Gilmer. It was so interesting that when I finished my run, the story wasn’t done yet, so I sat on the steps of our home listening intently to the rest of it… like I was too scared to stop it for even a second, because that would be too risky.

And then after beating myself up because one of my pieces didn’t make it into a local art show, I find this video/quote:

Ira Glass makes me want to do it all and make a podcast… which I just might do.

And it just might be crap for years…

…but then it might be kinda good. And then it’s all worth it.

Also, I’m obsessed with Zachary Smith. No, not my bearded manfriend’s brother [though, yes, Zach, I’m also obsessed with you].

This guy…

tumblr_mjh5k8F35z1rkovepo1_500 tumblr_ml0g57Q8CP1rkovepo1_500 tumblr_mlg4e8uY9W1r5vojso6_500 tumblr_mlg4e8uY9W1r5vojso5_500 tumblr_mlg4e8uY9W1r5vojso4_500

I want to do more hand-lettering and I want it to be as good as Zachary Smith’s.

And I love these guys…

And I’m actually obsessed with John Richards.

[much manly love to you.]

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