the warmth of summer that you live in.

There will soon be a summer round up. [because this summer has just been so so good.]

And mayhaps a Dregs of Summer // Volume II.

For now, know that I’ve been thinking of you.

And the warmth of summer that you live in will not fade yet; I won’t let it.

Here is what I am just in love with right now:




This amazing artist collaborates with her four-year-old daughter. I kind of want to buy a print just to constantly remind myself that things definitely don’t end up like you thought they would… but they are still so beautiful.

Oh, can you even guess how excited I am for this:

I also cannot stop listening to this song:

Beyond that, I’m not sure what my life has consisted of. I started school again… eek, ugh, phew.

According to my Wheelhouse Missoula instagram, I’ve been indulging in all the best beverages:

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 11.40.02 PM

time for sleep, my loves.
wake in time for your own time.

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