the alive work.

Things have been absolutely insane/awesome lately. I hate being too busy to have dancing dinners with Evan, call my mom to just talk, hug my friends after laughing about nothings, and go running/climbing/hiking/do anything that resembles exercise.

BUT things in the rest of life have been so rewarding.

I recently won a writing contest! Well, I got third place. Swift Industries announced that I received the Mount Baker Award for the Tough and Tender Project!

I’m gonna be published in Bicycle Times, y’all!

Oh, I’m just so excited about it. I wrote a story about the amazing bike tour I did with my mom in August…


And AND I won some panniers from Swift! Ugh, it’s just such a win-win-win.


That’s a rear pannier packed to the brim right there. This photo is up in the Yaak of Montana, where I was the last two days. I went up there with some Adventure Cycling people for a little photoshoot. It was absolutely beautiful…


It was the best kind of work. The work you love. The beautiful work. The alive work. The fun work…


Oh, and here’s some more “work” I had fun making:

And when you’re not watching that video, you should be dancing to this…

Or being excited about this…


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