make me feel more like me.

I ran into a friend from Jackson today.well, by “ran in,” I mean Jim stopped by on his way to Spokane and it was just so lovely to see him.

we went on about all things Jackson and reminisced about the days when we both blahgged regularly.
and I want to do that more.
I say this, knowing that I won’t. I really won’t.
but I will tonight.

there are things that make me feel more like me.
it’s better when it’s a person, a friend, a love,
but it’s still okay when it’s a song and some dancing:

love love everything about it.

also, I love Missoula.
I really do.
and I’m so happy that my little review of this place made it to Design*Sponge’s Best of Winter Travel City Guides.

these are the simple things that I’ve found joy in these days.
also, have you seen this yet?

it’s old news, but it’s so so lovely.

everything’s so beautiful these days and I’m so ready to motivate and do great things.but then there are the dishes.
there are always the dishes.

so I’ll re-watch another episode of Girls.
because I’m just so excited for the next season:

and if this were a real-life throwback to my old blahgs, this would end with a shameless selfie.
is this close enough?
new_fave_shoes_RS[I’m mildly obsessed with these new slippers that I accidentally bought myself on black friday.]

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