in the fast lane…

There are so many moments that have happened lately. So many moments that I feel like I’ve been living for, craving.

The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival


And then, so quickly, we competed in the International Documentary Challenge

finalistsWe’re just so excited! You can watch a little trailer here and donate to our shoe-string operation if you’d like.

Everything is going oh, so well. These moments are what I’ve been waiting for. But they are not the ones, surprisingly, that I’ve most enjoyed.

Walking around the neighborhood with Evan, during sunset, drinking bourbon, and making up dances to songs we’ve just made up…

pictures of posts_video…but then getting upset that there were too many people around to perform my “music video.”

THOSE are the moments that I’ve laughed and loved hardest.

Working at my computer for hours on end is rewarding, frustrating, draining, exciting, creative, depressing, confusing, connecting. And then I realize I’ve been working for hours in the kitchen since lunch and the sun is setting and the light is hitting the wall just right.

I find myself again in that moment.

finding_momentsThe moment where I know I’m here… not just a Facebook profile or a faceless designer/filmmaker.

Oh, hello. Wull hay.

Those moments and then a lot of kitchen dance parties to this song…

[yes and yes.]

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