Today has quietly come.

Last year, on January 21st, I finally exhaled. I had survived one year. I had made it a year since my huge — life threatening/changingaccident.

It’s been two years. Two years.

In 2013, I survived. It was a whole year in survival mode. A painful and fragile existence.

And then a year ago today, I promised myself I would go beyond surviving and start thriving. I would let myself live. I would start grabbing life by the balls… and mean it.

It was a promise.

And I did it. I thrived.

What a year.

There were many painful times. There were hard decisions and sleepless nights.

But I cannot let 2014 slip away without acknowledging just how incredible it was.

There was my first film festival.

And then a bike tour with an amazing friend.

bluebonnetsforfacebook[oh, that ended with us winning tickets to see my favorite band of all time and then us getting front-row passes for being awesome and wearing masks… NBD.]

Then having a story published about one of the best experiences I’ve ever had — bike touring with my mom.

the hug_rgb
And then another film festival. A big one. My first time in Canada.

Where we won an award that led to our debut on PBS. PBS.

10012770_824297047600329_4766137471563233147_o[I still feel like this every time I think about it.]

And then there were Texas times with my whole family and my best friend.


Oh, and then another bike tour!

There was a 20 In Their 20s Award. [just in time.]

There was some of the most fun work I’ve ever done.

Oh, and yesterday I submitted two films for the 2015 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. [celebrate!]

And there was so much more. So many times and travels with loved ones.

Love an joy in friends and family.

A deeper love for my one.


A confidence in this beautiful life I’m leading.



Thank you, 2014 [and few parts of 2015, though, mainly you’ve been kind of a shit-show of horribleness… pull it together, 2015].

It’s been a real pleasure, 2014. Thank you for being so good to me.

Tonight, we’ll make a toast to 2014 and look forward to 2015.

For the two year anniversary, there is nothing but reflection. Nothing but absolute joy and gratefulness for this life.

I’m just so happy to be here. Beyond grateful for the goodness that goes beyond just being here.

Thank you for being a part of all of the beauty, the thriving.

And I got to see one of my favorites this year in a beautiful historic theater, from the balcony, with dearest friends:

[so much love.]

2 thoughts on “TWO.”

  1. […] TWO 2014 was straight-up thriving. I’m afraid I may have peaked that year. Award-winning documentaries, film festivals left and right, a 20 in their 20s award, traveling around with loved ones, and just slaying it at work. I felt like I was on a creativity high for a whole year. […]

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