oh, so randomly. there you are.

In a new place, a disarming week(end) hits twice as hard.

You look to so many things to find a bit of yourself again. And then you find yourself on the floor.

Sitting in front of the speakers.

Watching/listening to this again:


And there you are.

I love love her voice. I love love the way she dances. The two of them make me want to be a bit more of me.

Then [oh, so randomly. oh, so beautifully.] I’m unwrapping music boxes — ten of them — and putting the keys in them. Turning them ever so carefully. Listening to the ting of their music throughout the night. An hour after it was turned, it will still randomly ping.


Stopping half-way through to FaceTime the bearded fiancé and open the next five with him. Smiling. Listening. Laughing.

And there you are.

[Thank you, Ashely, for sending me the wondrous Tiny Desk. xxo.]

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