JULY TODAY // july 1.

Today starts an annual project I started last year — July Today. One photo taken every day and published in July.

It’s harder than it sounds.

And today, the first day, I should’ve had something prepared. Hell, I should’ve carried my camera around today. On my bike ride to work, I completely witnessed a 101 Dalmations owner/dog situation. Amazing. Then, it was an awesome day at work. I went for a beautiful mid-day bike ride. I met a friend for wine and tapas. Then I met another friend for whisky and burgers. Photo opportunities galore!

But instead, I came home exaustedly happy and a bit flustered.

– Shit, I need to take a photo.

– Wait. Are you doing “July Today” again?

– Yep.



July Today. A photo every day in July. No matter how much of a junkshow. Trying to do it better.

[july 1.]

1 thought on “JULY TODAY // july 1.”

  1. i did a pic a day for a year in 2010. it was really hard. i had a lot of “oh shit, it’s almost tomorrow, let me find something to take a picture of real quick” moments. it was fun, though. unfortunately, all of the links are broken on the blog now… https://everydaypics.wordpress.com/. thanks, facebook! they are all still on fb, minus the captions, though. good luck!

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