one month.

After a crazy/awesome weekend of adventuring in the Montana mountains [evan actually adventuring. me working with film crews and being so excited about it.], we jumped in our car and drove to our most recent home — Missoula — to see Ira Glass and dine and drink and brunch and laugh with friends we don’t get to see often enough. It was a wonderful weekend.

Ran ragged, I came home from a long day working today to notes of “Happy One Month” and it hit me — one month! I have been married to my yes for a month!

A month ago today, we married. I almost forgot.

Ahh, love!

And in the mail, a card from my mother-in-law containing the medicine cards for Blue Herons and Bears — both of which made an appearance at our wedding ceremony. It is so lovely to reflect. To be thankful. To read up on our beautiful visitors. To remember…


Amidst rain and VW vans and laughs and whisky and bears and swimming and friends and family and a blue heron, we tied our lives to each others. And I can’t help but think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. At last.

happiest one month.

photo by sidney morgan.

2 thoughts on “one month.”

  1. The last scene today on CBS Sunday Morning closed with shots of the Blue Heron. I thought of your wedding and watching this beautiful bird make its presence at your ceremony.

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