July Today, August Away, September Now.

“July Today” is a self-imposed photography project started in July 2014. I had just gotten my first legit DSLR camera. And I wanted to practice shooting in a more high-stakes way. Something with deadlines. My art director at my job was teaching me about photo editing. He said, to check the levels in the photograph, it helps to change the photo to greyscale—the darks and the lights are easier to see in black and white. So if you’re photo looks like shit in black and white, it probably won’t work in color either.

I took that and ran with it. I didn’t finish the project (eight days short!), but it did produce some of my favorite photos of some of my favorite people.

So I kept the project going each year. Kind of. Some years more in earnest than others. At some point it all moved to Instagram, because that’s where things are going I guess. Also, somewhere along that line, haikus became the mode of caption. I used to be into poetry. I used to write a lot more. I guess it’s a grasp at that.

So while you could find July Today 2019 on my Instagram page (if you follow me), I wanted to make sure it lived here as well.

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Because, maybe I’m naive, but I want to believe this here blahg isn’t completely obsolete.

July was all about adding things to my life. We had visitors. I made new friends. I added photography and writing to each of my days.

August was about cutting things out. Letting things go. Losing things with grace. I deleted Instagram from my phone—for a few reasons. The biggest reason was I’m so addicted to it. And as much as I tell myself it’s all a facade, I still can’t help but compare and contrast my every move with yours. Being away was good. Easier in some ways than I imagined. Harder in others. How would I know about updates in friends’ lives? How would I promote the art I’m making? I figured it out. But it was frightening how natural Instagram has become. Scary.

How are other people navigating this weird part of life? social media + relationships + career + real-life experiences? Please tell me so I can compare and contrast.

So September—now—is about finding the balance. Adding what works; taking away what doesn’t. It is a balance. But isn’t life always that? Maybe. I think I’ve been more of the “let’s add more things until it bursts at the seams” mindset. Trying to scale back a bit. I like my seams. They’re holding me together nicely.

These things are helping/inspiring:

+ This cloud wall. [found via SwissMiss.]

+ Haptic Lab quilts. [which I have to say out loud, because Cup of Jo and the like have been into these lately, but my best friend Lisa and I walked into a Seattle boutique a year ago and absolutely fell in love with these quilts. they keep coming up and I love them so. they even have a new Yosemite quilt! (though, I think the simpler quilts are lovelier.)]

+ I watched all of this show in one sitting and soaked. it. up.

[and then soaked up my tears, because I loved it in almost the same way I loved Fleabag.]

+ I’m super into this artist right now. [maybe it’s my soul craving simplicity.]

+ I saw this at a local pub theatre…

[it really hit me. hard. it felt a lot like that one time—yes, just once and that is enough—I, too, ran a marathon.]

+ Here’s what I’m listening to—over and over. [found here.]

Happy September! Get it while you can! Hope autumn looks nice in your life.

[here’s to a seam-saving september.]

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