01: a coolness coming.

this space has been calling me back. an intentional space where I can be creative without algorithm or supervision.

climbing out of the past 16 months is a little brighter than I thought it would be. so good in a lot of ways, but a little blinding in others. I have completely hunkered down with my family and redefined what family is, because we’ve added Marcelline and also leaned so hard on our own family. and now Summer is in full-swing like we haven’t been isolated and recalibrating every two weeks as vessels for fluid anxiety. NBD, get back out there! and we have a bit. we went to Jackson, I went to Bend, Marcelline and I have been to the San Juan Islands a couple times. life is sweet, albeit bright—blinding, overwhelming—sometimes.

String Lake swimming is the BEST. photo by Ev.

and while there is plenty of brightness of Summer left, you can start to feel this exhaling of coolness in the air. I’m listening to so much music as a Producer at KEXP, I thought I should share some of my soundtracks with you. so, weekly, I’ll put together a mixtape for you. it should be listened to from beginning to end—no shuffling. cross-fading should be used. it’s newer stuff. it’s older stuff inspired by music documentaries I’m currently obsessed with. it’s an act of love + creativity + autonomy + empowerment. I hope it feels that way to you as well.

[enjoy! xxo.]

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