04: back out here.

it feels like I'm back out here. and by "here" I mean my creative space. sometimes it has felt like I'm gone from it. but I'm back. back out here. and lemme tell you, it sounds good… https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5ldPOASIY3SnIcDpsfjwgY?si=dc41c30ee3254ce8 this playlist is a little vibey… starts with some jazz… includes songs from two awesome people I recently interviewed… Continue reading 04: back out here.

03: fractured sunshine in my eyes.

My daughter had a seizure. My parents left Seattle. We went to Montana. We ran a race and leaned in to friendships we had missed so much. Our family needed that mountain air and those people and that exercise and that wide open space. And there was a ton of music, too. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5PJDcl22ngHLa4vHKYjd7J?si=88907c80763e4b9b I was… Continue reading 03: fractured sunshine in my eyes.