Apparently it’s a podcast.

One of my proudest accomplishments of 2021 is starting a podcast series called Apparently for 90.3 KEXP, here in Seattle, Washington. My friend Evie Stokes and I tell stories of parents in music. We started doing this in the beginning of the year and by the end of the year, an incredible journalist named Celine… Continue reading Apparently it’s a podcast.

wull hay: the newsletter!

If you've loved this here blahg for a decade or a hot second, good news—it's coming straight to your inbox now! SUBSCRIBE HERE. You'll get all the things you found here: writing, music, photography, embarrassing moments, podcast recommendations… every Tuesday. Thanks so much for being here. I'm excited to see what connections come from this next… Continue reading wull hay: the newsletter!

I can’t stop thinking about salmon…

I saw salmon spawn for the first time on a Sunday, after a running race in Carkeek Park. I wrote about salmon spawning and the love of a mother on a Thursday morning. That Friday afternoon, The New York Time's Modern Love editor wrote me back saying he would like to publish my article. We… Continue reading I can’t stop thinking about salmon…

04: back out here.

it feels like I'm back out here. and by "here" I mean my creative space. sometimes it has felt like I'm gone from it. but I'm back. back out here. and lemme tell you, it sounds good… this playlist is a little vibey… starts with some jazz… includes songs from two awesome people I recently interviewed… Continue reading 04: back out here.

03: fractured sunshine in my eyes.

My daughter had a seizure. My parents left Seattle. We went to Montana. We ran a race and leaned in to friendships we had missed so much. Our family needed that mountain air and those people and that exercise and that wide open space. And there was a ton of music, too. I was… Continue reading 03: fractured sunshine in my eyes.

new chapter? hell, a whole new book.

Before we Instagrammed, we texted a ton. Before that, we blogged. And before that, we wrote in our journals. My notebooks admittedly started as prayer—or "quiet time"—journals. It's so interesting to see what I prayed for. What I asked for. How I talked about God and myself. Then they quickly moved to wine-fueled scramblings about… Continue reading new chapter? hell, a whole new book.

July Today, August Away, September Now.

"July Today" is a self-imposed photography project started in July 2014. I had just gotten my first legit DSLR camera. And I wanted to practice shooting in a more high-stakes way. Something with deadlines. My art director at my job was teaching me about photo editing. He said, to check the levels in the photograph,… Continue reading July Today, August Away, September Now.

found in a trailer.

I am only doing contract work now. That means more radio, more stories, less office time. No more the Creative Director at a marketing agency. (Though I am still doing work for them.) This has been a scary—yet welcome—change. A new chapter. One I've been writing for basically 15 years now. To stop from ruminating… Continue reading found in a trailer.

a rockstar-esque anniversary. [and a surprisingly easy story to tell.]

Evan and I celebrated four years of marriage last week. It feels like more to me, but only in the best way. Only in the familiar—family—it-feels-like-we've-been-through-decades-of-life-together way. On Wednesday, August 14th (our actual wedding anniversary), The Rolling Stones were playing in Seattle. My incredible cousin took this event and made it a family affair by… Continue reading a rockstar-esque anniversary. [and a surprisingly easy story to tell.]