ready for the next arrow.

As sad as I am that I haven't been blahgging, it's way more tragic that I haven't been journaling. I read a quote about journaling that really hit me. I can't remember what it said [because apparently i write nothing down these days], but paraphrasing, it said, "People who say they keep a journal but… Continue reading ready for the next arrow.

wanting to go back to jackson, saturday, greece, italy and then wanting to go back to now.

It's a troubling time of wanting to go back. To anything, everything. Two of our dearest Missoula friends are in Jackson right now, at the Bike-In Movies: The poster was designed by moi... which makes it even harder not being there. Talking with Sarah on the phone, telling her where to go around town, I… Continue reading wanting to go back to jackson, saturday, greece, italy and then wanting to go back to now.

the simplicity. the love.

Evan was here [in missoula... my new home] this weekend. Yesterday, after running around, moving things, garage saling things, we had plans to go to the River City Roots Festival. We stumbled in my new [ah-mazing] apartment, with nothing really ready to go in there... except for my new favorite thing. A record player/radio/iPod player… Continue reading the simplicity. the love.

with glittering eyes.

A lovely sent an email yesterday saying... some words for you today... thought you might like this, I know I did xx [gorgeous.] And then another lovely sent this: A favorite gorgeous song to a beautiful video. I figured out I need more pretty songs in my library.  If you know any lovely songs, please… Continue reading with glittering eyes.

a love/dislike letter.

Dear Texas, How to I love thee?  Let me list the ways... • [and foremost] My Family. • Your TexMex Food. • Your Margaritas. • When you have my BFF around for long periods of time, I want to cry of happiness. • Antiquing.  [oh, my... wonderfulness.] • College Friends and Their Gorgeous Families. •… Continue reading a love/dislike letter.