a few good men.

I have a lot a lot of talented friends.  And I love collaborating with them... or at the very least, watching what they do. My incredible musician friend, Bobby, is part of Rollover Mariner.  I made this gig poster for him: After saving an Illustrator jpg, it decided to change itself colors.  But I kinda… Continue reading a few good men.

without blinding. without exposing.

The light of the 6 o'clock hour in Jackson is just gorgeous.  I stepped outside and walked a few steps before actually saying, "This is gorgeous." It is bright without blinding.  Light without exposing.  It is so still.  So right. And cold. It feels as though the light of the day has been frozen and… Continue reading without blinding. without exposing.

lethal poison for the system.

After running some errands today, I decided I wanted a Dairy Queen Blizzard. Okay, who am I kidding?  I had brought along coupons I've been saving for DQ. The whole point of this excursion was to get a Blizzard. Driving through town, towards DQ, I saw a hitchhiker.  And I thought to myself,  Self, you… Continue reading lethal poison for the system.

alone. empowered. beautiful.

[feelings oh, so familiar.] Last night I went to a TreeFight event [nice logo, eh?] at the Center for the Arts featuring the amazing work of Thais Beltrame. Walking around, I was instantly moved by her work... It was like a story, an on-going epic... Moving...         I could go on and… Continue reading alone. empowered. beautiful.

it tickles.

[and all the sudden, she awoke inside... running through every compartment of her makings, switching on every single light in every flesh-walled compartment... from inside the ankle, to the knee, to the hip, to the inside of the ribs [...it tickles], running to the heart [it's a pull-string switch... pull hard], to where the collar… Continue reading it tickles.

since i was twelve.

Okay, I'm reusing my post from last Halloween... - Why can’t witches get pregnant? - I dunno, Mom… Why? - Because warlocks have hollow-weenies! [out of the 500 times i've heard this joke, i bet i hear the punch line about 25% of the time... the other 75%, she's laughing too hard to deliver it. … Continue reading since i was twelve.

excuse me…

This blahg post is purely to remember/share the randomness/beauty of yesterday. -------------------- I've been riding my dad's old Schwinn Varsity around.  It's an emerald green ten-speed and I LOVE it.  My dad loves it too.  He talks about how dear it is to his heart and how if I don't lock it up and it… Continue reading excuse me…

the stevens scramble.

I did my radio show with my little brother [Ryland] this morning. It was so great. We laughed. We panicked. He answered the phone... - Hello?  KHML... - No, Ryland... KHOL! We remembered our roots. We danced. We played these tunes... It was such a great time... I loved having him share that time, that… Continue reading the stevens scramble.

i was from portland.

I ran a half marathon yesterday. It went much better than the half marathon I ran two weeks ago... But don't worry... they took care of me oh so well... Anywho, yesterday's was harder than the one before.  Don't know why.  But later in the day, driving back from a pot luck in Wilson, I… Continue reading i was from portland.

things i am unabashedly in love with…

• this song: • supporting local lemonade stands. • the sexy knee bandaging i had from my trail race battle, complimenting my beer, pretty dress, sunshine and harry potter in bend: • this: • and this: • and then, wow, these [from lelove]: • the fact that the arcade fire came out with a new… Continue reading things i am unabashedly in love with…

handsome cowboys and heineken beer.

I woke up insanely happy and just didn't know what to do with myself... so I did what I do best, took a picture of myself on my computer.  It's crazy that I'm twenty-five... today... whoa. And that... that is what I look like after a quarter century of living, breathing, running, loving, crying, dancing,… Continue reading handsome cowboys and heineken beer.