crying, smiling, singing, loving. magic.

My dad has had his moments.  By that, I mean he's a quirky, silly guy, but every once in a while, he'll blow you out of the water with sweetness. For the rest of this story to make any sense, you must read this old blahg post: And if you refuse to do so… Continue reading crying, smiling, singing, loving. magic.

everything, everyone… celebrate.

The Big 2-6 Birthday Recap. 8:00AM - Wake up.  I had work to do.   Open a package from my dear, dear family. I took that in front of the Texas liscense plate for y'all.  Missing you.  Loving all the love you sent to me for my birthday!  I especially love this next gem because it… Continue reading everything, everyone… celebrate.

the whole damn year.

I'm usually all about celebrating my birthday for a whole week.  Proclaiming that it's "MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!  We're gonna BBQ/eat at Trio/go rafting/watch movies/etc. etc... cuz it's MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!" But this year, I didn't really want to.  Didn't want to make a fuss.  Didn't want the hoopla.  I'm getting older, it's okay that there… Continue reading the whole damn year.

we do, too.

Easter was a success. Especially because I received this card in the mail... I love my family. And, yesterday, I got to wear my yellow Easter dress... Oh, taking pictures of myself... by myself.  And the ridiculousness.   I giggle at this picture because: • Am I surprising someone? • Am I getting surprised by someone?… Continue reading we do, too.

good flushers.

A couple nights ago, I helped out at Locavore's Night Out.  It was an event by local food providers and it was just ah-mazing.  [some of the best food of my life.] But it was over the hill [in Idaho], which means that all the beautiful parents and their beautiful children come out of the… Continue reading good flushers.

family matters. [not that urkel show.]

Been thinking about my family lots and lots lately. Missing them. But I received my favorite photo in the whole world the other day and it helped... This is a photo of my Momma and my brother, Ryland, when he was just a tot.  I love this photo so much and have wanted a print… Continue reading family matters. [not that urkel show.]

she was your age.

A little Friday refresher of some finds I think you'll enjoy... This website: It's so wonderful!  Your mother... where you came from... when she was your age... the same.  Such a beautiful thing. Gosh, I love it. And this movie: It's delightful.  Raw.  Different.  Indie [get ready... if you like "indie", you'll love... if… Continue reading she was your age.

we can get along.

Checked the mail today.  Held in my hands a bunch of stuff I don't want, I don't need, that's not supposed to be for me... but then there was amazingness... Today was a late Christmas... Today was love... [expressed in haikus.] photos of bardman to add to the collection cannot get enough. a t-rex santa?… Continue reading we can get along.

a love/dislike letter.

Dear Texas, How to I love thee?  Let me list the ways... • [and foremost] My Family. • Your TexMex Food. • Your Margaritas. • When you have my BFF around for long periods of time, I want to cry of happiness. • Antiquing.  [oh, my... wonderfulness.] • College Friends and Their Gorgeous Families. •… Continue reading a love/dislike letter.

it tickles.

[and all the sudden, she awoke inside... running through every compartment of her makings, switching on every single light in every flesh-walled compartment... from inside the ankle, to the knee, to the hip, to the inside of the ribs [ tickles], running to the heart [it's a pull-string switch... pull hard], to where the collar… Continue reading it tickles.

since i was twelve.

Okay, I'm reusing my post from last Halloween... - Why can’t witches get pregnant? - I dunno, Mom… Why? - Because warlocks have hollow-weenies! [out of the 500 times i've heard this joke, i bet i hear the punch line about 25% of the time... the other 75%, she's laughing too hard to deliver it. … Continue reading since i was twelve.

i should mention…

I woke up this morning. Outside it should've been bright... but it wasn't... it was dark and alive. Then the rain came.  So, I quickly made a playlist consisting of some of my favorite rainy day songs... ...and starting reading my book. It was a peace of comfort. Then, [partly because i'm addicted to the… Continue reading i should mention…