the stevens scramble.

I did my radio show with my little brother [Ryland] this morning. It was so great. We laughed. We panicked. He answered the phone... - Hello?  KHML... - No, Ryland... KHOL! We remembered our roots. We danced. We played these tunes... It was such a great time... I loved having him share that time, that… Continue reading the stevens scramble.

to the leader of the band…

This was my birthday present from my father: Oh, where to begin?... First off, that is my absolute favorite picture of my father and myself.  So dear to me.  I swell with love every time I see it. Secondly, Badooder.  My father's favorite nickname for me.  Covered in this blahg post: Badooder. And finally... okay,… Continue reading to the leader of the band…

handsome cowboys and heineken beer.

I woke up insanely happy and just didn't know what to do with myself... so I did what I do best, took a picture of myself on my computer.  It's crazy that I'm twenty-five... today... whoa. And that... that is what I look like after a quarter century of living, breathing, running, loving, crying, dancing,… Continue reading handsome cowboys and heineken beer.

and here is clothing, and a good education… and here is your [brown, brown, pants fell down], i replied.

I really cannot wait to be sitting next to the swimming pool with my dear Momma in a couple weeks.  But until then, I have to wish her a Happy Mother's Day from afar.  I have to tell her how much I love her, without hugs.  Tell her how thankful I am for her, without… Continue reading and here is clothing, and a good education… and here is your [brown, brown, pants fell down], i replied.

i will knock you off your feet. [i’ve got imagination.]

I kinda feel like this... Just so tired and blah. But I wanted to communicate... with... well... you, I guess. New favorites: [great song, meh video.] Dinosaur Feathers. I obviously automatically loved them just based on their name.  But then after listening, turns out I really do love love them. I recommend listening to their… Continue reading i will knock you off your feet. [i’ve got imagination.]

[wow] happy.

Found this... ...this morning, in my favorite e-magazine: Picame. And it made me happy... because I am happy.  !!  [whoa.] Having my mom here is a great gage to how life is going.  I find myself getting excited about showing off every aspect of my life here in Jackson. This is where I work. These… Continue reading [wow] happy.

we can live on misbehavior.

My best best friend, Lisa, is gorgeous... in every way.  She's also fabulous.  Lives in Manhattan, doesn't wear pants [only skirts or dresses], recommends the best books/music, etc., etc. Anywho, a while back Lisa told me that if there was one band that would define her as a whole, it would be Belle & Sebastian.  Which… Continue reading we can live on misbehavior.

…but i borrowed it.

This is my new favorite song... According to a friend... This a movie that reminds some Texans of me... According to a friend... Oh... no. Momma called me today.  Wanted to know more about the Yosemite climbing restrictions and the visitation ridiculousness.  Wanted to write a letter to YNP and said, "I mean... I'm passionate… Continue reading …but i borrowed it.

kept and kept.

Finding myself in everything. Myself. Wow.  Am I self-involved?  Narcissistic?  Probably.  I guess.  No.  Please, no.  Probably. - Your blog is very personal. - Yeah, I guess it is... I don't know what else I would write about. Is it a sign of uneducatedness to only write about myself?  [or is the give-away the word… Continue reading kept and kept.

Yes, yes... I know.  This blahg should just be renamed to "Pictures of Rachel That She Took of Herself on Her"  So, why wouldn't I follow suit for Christmas? Plus my family hasn't even got to see my face today... on Christmas... It was a good Christmas.  It's not even done yet!  I just… Continue reading

twas the best christmas ever.

My father, being the awesome dad he is, sent me a Christmas Mix CD.  Awesome.  Not only did he write out all the names and artists of all the songs on an insert, he also put this picture on the back... I am overwhelmed by the awesomeness of this picture and cannot figure out what… Continue reading twas the best christmas ever.

“a drinkable memory quilt” or “are you happy?” [couldn’t decide.]

First off, I received this email from my pops the other day... Awesome. So, I went to the post office the next day and much to my delight, there was a golden ticket indicating that I had a package to pick up. As I rounded the corner to the service counters, I was confronted with… Continue reading “a drinkable memory quilt” or “are you happy?” [couldn’t decide.]