family matters. [not that urkel show.]

Been thinking about my family lots and lots lately. Missing them. But I received my favorite photo in the whole world the other day and it helped... This is a photo of my Momma and my brother, Ryland, when he was just a tot.  I love this photo so much and have wanted a print… Continue reading family matters. [not that urkel show.]

those simple.

The morning shows on KHOL are just so indie-tastic.  So pleasant.  Good tunes, good people. It's just such a great way to start your morning.  I remember before I helped at the station, I worked with adults with disabilities and one Monday and Tuesday mornings I would drive one of our clients around and we'd… Continue reading those simple.

soundtrack this.

'Tis the season for music. Christmas Music -- YES.  [and, boy, do i love it.]  But, other music as well. People are gathering: celebrating their fondness for each other, celebrating their love, celebrating a cause, celebrating a hobby, celebrating smiles, celebrating family, celebrating giving, celebrating faith, celebrating someone, celebrating a community, celebrating.  Celebrate good times...… Continue reading soundtrack this.


Had a blast in the KHOL studio yesterday.  Groovin' hard to some sweet tunes.  So many favorites... how do I choose? [very much love this song/video.] [also slightly obsessed with this song/video.] [way excited about new of montreal... especially featuring beyoncé's little sis. p.s. video = nothing special.] [here we go... MAGIC!] [hells yeah jose… Continue reading HOWL.

they seem wild.

I promised to put these up, like, forever ago. The first one, I woke up, freaked out, biked to the station, pulled about twenty CDs off the shelf, played music that my super hip music directors recommended on their recent emails.  I was unprepared... and the show ruled.  So, if you find some amazing new… Continue reading they seem wild.

the stevens scramble.

I did my radio show with my little brother [Ryland] this morning. It was so great. We laughed. We panicked. He answered the phone... - Hello?  KHML... - No, Ryland... KHOL! We remembered our roots. We danced. We played these tunes... It was such a great time... I loved having him share that time, that… Continue reading the stevens scramble.