the remnants of the good of the darkness.

The last two nights, I've had vivid dreams about moving back to Australia. My friend, Andrew, says... - Dreams are like pictures: If I'm not in them and no one's naked, I don't care. Well, some of my good friends were in the dreams, as well as the family I used to work for: The… Continue reading the remnants of the good of the darkness.

a few good men.

I have a lot a lot of talented friends.  And I love collaborating with them... or at the very least, watching what they do. My incredible musician friend, Bobby, is part of Rollover Mariner.  I made this gig poster for him: After saving an Illustrator jpg, it decided to change itself colors.  But I kinda… Continue reading a few good men.

things i am unabashedly in love with…

• this song: • supporting local lemonade stands. • the sexy knee bandaging i had from my trail race battle, complimenting my beer, pretty dress, sunshine and harry potter in bend: • this: • and this: • and then, wow, these [from lelove]: • the fact that the arcade fire came out with a new… Continue reading things i am unabashedly in love with…

smiles are pretty.

[everything is just so so exciting.] Yesterday I awoke early and started out on my bike.  The Tetons beamed in the morning light at me whilst I yawned into a smile.  I thought, I am so lucky. The loveliness of this now.  This day.  This love.  This joy.  I am lucky. I sang this song… Continue reading smiles are pretty.

serious hunting.

Just did a banner for JH Underground is owned and operated by the nicest guy in Jackson, Jim Stanford. When I last minutely decided I was going to move back to Jackson from Australia and had no car, no job, hardly any money and no friends with poachable living spaces, Jim Stanford came through...… Continue reading serious hunting.

presidential crowd pleasers.

Talking to clients about American Presidents might be my new favorite thing. [must remind that i work with adults with mental disabilities.] Sometimes clients will catch staff talking about politics and want to give their two cents.  A conversation recently turned to the subject of "Favorite President of All Time" and Sandy, a client, wanted… Continue reading presidential crowd pleasers.

best reckignize.

Update:  My friend is srrrrrsly famous: My favorite school in Teton Valley just got some WAY exciting news... HOLLER. HUGE shout out to my favorite Victorite, the woman who makes the magic happen: EMMA. People doing what they love, kicking ass at it and helping out... contributing... loving... advocates of true community.  That's what… Continue reading best reckignize.