Apparently it’s a podcast.

One of my proudest accomplishments of 2021 is starting a podcast series called Apparently for 90.3 KEXP, here in Seattle, Washington. My friend Evie Stokes and I tell stories of parents in music. We started doing this in the beginning of the year and by the end of the year, an incredible journalist named Celine… Continue reading Apparently it’s a podcast.

new chapter? hell, a whole new book.

Before we Instagrammed, we texted a ton. Before that, we blogged. And before that, we wrote in our journals. My notebooks admittedly started as prayer—or "quiet time"—journals. It's so interesting to see what I prayed for. What I asked for. How I talked about God and myself. Then they quickly moved to wine-fueled scramblings about… Continue reading new chapter? hell, a whole new book.

found in a trailer.

I am only doing contract work now. That means more radio, more stories, less office time. No more the Creative Director at a marketing agency. (Though I am still doing work for them.) This has been a scary—yet welcome—change. A new chapter. One I've been writing for basically 15 years now. To stop from ruminating… Continue reading found in a trailer.