i don’t want your body.

Wake up.  Exhausted. Why?  Because I stayed up so late preparing for this. Open the studio.  Issssdark! Scramble.  Plug things in, flip switches. Panic a bit. Take a drink of tea. BURN TONGUE! Go to play Phantogram. Computer not working. [son of bitch.] Things get working. Things get better. I start breathing. I start dancing.… Continue reading i don’t want your body.

i was from portland.

I ran a half marathon yesterday. It went much better than the half marathon I ran two weeks ago... But don't worry... they took care of me oh so well... Anywho, yesterday's was harder than the one before.  Don't know why.  But later in the day, driving back from a pot luck in Wilson, I… Continue reading i was from portland.

nothing under my skin but light.

Too much love.  Too much excitement. Don't know why. So here I go. Sitting in the library, next to the poetry section, which holds like [i don't know] a hundred Billy Collins books, makes me feel close to you.  All of you. I love libraries.  Duh, who doesn't? I wish I could run around one… Continue reading nothing under my skin but light.

watch for my booty slap…

If you don't know Gretchen Davis, your life is not as awesome as it could be. She just sent me this...  [p.s. i couldn't get these to embed... sorry...] http://sendables.jibjab.com/view/5BnCsLzkMuhGsKc3 Oh man. I LOVE IT. CAST Crazy Doctor - Gretchen [the girl you need to know] Frankenstein - Anna Frankenstein's Bride - Dabz Dracula -… Continue reading watch for my booty slap…

what love looks like.

Wow. So, yesterday I remembered I had a blahg... which means I had forgotten.  Swhoops.  I feel like I'll get back into it... I'll be inspired... be creative... via screen... soon.  There's so much I wanna do with this site... it needs work.  But, then again, my life needs work.  I guess I'll start with… Continue reading what love looks like.

that’s just the way it is.

I'm better now.  Well, not sick... that is.  And better all around, actually... yes and yes!  Getting settled.  I own a bed now... I'm sitting on it right now... holler! [earlier tonight... as Dan and I are parting ways after my soccer game...] Dan:  Well, call me if you wanna do something later. Me:  You… Continue reading that’s just the way it is.

i’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life.

I heard a song this morning and it took me back to a glorious Yosemite morning... All packed up, Nic and I headed to his truck to drive to our climb.  Walking down the path, Nic realized we forgot our food... - Oh crap, we forgot our food. - It's fine... I'll run up and… Continue reading i’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life.