get uncomfy.

not much time to talk... unless by, "talking", you mean, "let's cuddle in bed... whilst watching re-runs of 30 Rock... whilst rapidly falling asleep"... then, yes, let's talk. a handful of exciting things... an illustration of mine published to a fashion magazine's blahg.  awesome article, christy!  xxo.  <--click, click, boom. the other day, whilst riding… Continue reading get uncomfy.

ah-mazing/slightly depressing things.

Well, as the title promises, I must show you these ah-mazing/slightly depressing [with a sprankle of morbidity] things. The first is something I found on my incredible friend, Lisa's Facebook.  I don't know how I missed this before now.  It was posted in 2007 and it's in an album called, "How I Will Die." Ummmmmm.......… Continue reading ah-mazing/slightly depressing things.

i don’t want your body.

Wake up.  Exhausted. Why?  Because I stayed up so late preparing for this. Open the studio.  Issssdark! Scramble.  Plug things in, flip switches. Panic a bit. Take a drink of tea. BURN TONGUE! Go to play Phantogram. Computer not working. [son of bitch.] Things get working. Things get better. I start breathing. I start dancing.… Continue reading i don’t want your body.

be hope.

Hey American Friends... How's it going?  I hope you're paying attention... because there's a lot going on... Tomorrow, President Obama is giving his State of the Union Address.  I'm sure you've heard about this and I hope you intend on watching. A lot of talk about our economy.  Where are the jobs?  And then Health… Continue reading be hope.