a love/dislike letter.

Dear Texas, How to I love thee?  Let me list the ways... • [and foremost] My Family. • Your TexMex Food. • Your Margaritas. • When you have my BFF around for long periods of time, I want to cry of happiness. • Antiquing.  [oh, my... wonderfulness.] • College Friends and Their Gorgeous Families. •… Continue reading a love/dislike letter.

soundtrack this.

'Tis the season for music. Christmas Music -- YES.  [and, boy, do i love it.]  But, other music as well. People are gathering: celebrating their fondness for each other, celebrating their love, celebrating a cause, celebrating a hobby, celebrating smiles, celebrating family, celebrating giving, celebrating faith, celebrating someone, celebrating a community, celebrating.  Celebrate good times...… Continue reading soundtrack this.

that whole reading/reader situation.

My dear Dabney sent this to me today: http://thebookspy.blogspot.com/ I love it. The site documents what people spotted in subways are reading and give projections about that whole reading/reader situation happening. It kinda made me miss Australia; where I rode a train constantly and always had a book in hand.  [or at least bag.]  And… Continue reading that whole reading/reader situation.

something horrible happened in the bathroom…

I feel like I could write a novel about my trip to Las Vegas this past weekend. My friends Emma and Trask got married.  WHOA. They decided about a week before Saturday that they wanted to get married and do it in Vegas.  Originally, they wanted to get married in Vegas because there would be… Continue reading something horrible happened in the bathroom…