This here blahg was started in 2007 to keep in touch when I moved to Sydney, Australia. Six months later, I was back in the land of milk and honey and I kept on writing, dancing in the kitchen, and taking far too many photos of myself. Myself = Rachel Stevens.

From Texas to New South Wales to Wyoming to Montana to Seattle… wull hay lives!

I am a producer at KEXP (the best radio station in the world) who is passionate about funky cheeses, French wines, writing, running, and playing board games that don’t involve bargaining.


“wull hay.”

4 thoughts on “A BIT ABOUT”

  1. Rachel-

    I thought you should know (as you may already) that wull hay is blocked in China. Fortunately, it appears that you were not singled-out, as all WordPress.com and all associated blogs are blocked. They don’t want all of your groundbreaking genius thoughts and ideas inciting a revolution or something…

  2. oh, no! i did not know that.

    maybe it’s because i put on here that i’m six foot tall and that’s just too much for them. i haven’t been to china, but i terrified a citizen or two in thailand.

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