things i am unabashedly in love with…

• this song:

• supporting local lemonade stands.

• the sexy knee bandaging i had from my trail race battle, complimenting my beer, pretty dress, sunshine and harry potter in bend:

• this:

• and this:

• and then, wow, these [from lelove]:

wrapped like you'll never let go.

• the fact that the arcade fire came out with a new cd and that they’re touring:

[when… WHEN… where… WHERE… will i see them??]

• getting asked by a random to post “morning scramble” set lists on the blahg.  [coming soon.]

• old alpinist interns reliving.

• doing design work for amazing jacksonites truly making a difference:

• sunshine galore.

• my new rangs:


• and much, much more… stay tuned.

• oh, okay… and this song:

• oh, and this boy:


...maybe a little too much.

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