labor day twentyten.

blurry-arm stevens and her favorite manbike, merle.
goodbye gapers pub crawl... oh, man.
some jackson peakers... preparing for prom pictures.
poaching the willie nelson concert.
a man, his van, those mountains.

Not Pictured:

Margaritas at Dusk on a Rooftop with Loves.

Getting Busted by Horse Cops [p.s. horse cops = terrifying].

Huckleberry Hot Springs Amazingness.

Watching the Most Hilarious Bird in the World Trying to Fly in Crazy Wind.

Dinner Party Laughs and Laughs and Laughs.

Much More Love.

Thrift Shopping with Beautifuls and Finds Galore.

[hope your weekend was unlaboring and uberlovering.]

…and a quick little something to make it all even better.

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