nope. nope. nope. nope. nope.

I’ve been riding my new road bike around a fair bit.  Loving it.

This is the road bike all of my friends gave me for my birthday.  [the nicest thing that’s ever happened to me… my goodness, i have the best friends in the world.]

this is still the only photo dan long has given me of my amazing cycle surprise.

Anywho, I’ve taken to it.  LOVE IT.  Wanna find excuses to put on those hilarious bike shoes and click in… ride somewhere.

So, yes, I’ve been riding with clipless pedals.  [that means that my shoes actually clip into my pedals and i have to unclip them… get the out… when i stop.]  Can someone tell me why these are called clipless?  As I see it, there is much clipping.

And I was TERRIFIED to start riding with clipless pedals.  I asked Evan…

– Am I going to fall over at a stop sign in the middle of town?

Fully expecting him to reply with the, “No, babe… You definitely won’t…”, he, instead, replied with…

– Yeah.  It happens to everybody.

WHAT?!  Seriously??

He was serious.

But I was rocking it.  Unclipping yards before I had to stop.  I had it dowwwwwn.  I had even thought to myself, I won’t ever fall over… I got this.

The other day, I babysat South of town and was excited to bike to the gig.  Not only did I get in a great, gorgeous ride, but I also got to stop by Factory Studios after working to try on some sweet creations by Abbie Miller.  [i was good and only made one purchase… for now…]

I digress…

Chatting with Abbs was great, trying on her clothes was amazing, but, alas, I had to leave to get to a meeting at a local Mexican for an upcoming river trip.

Flustered, running late, I got back on my whip.  I rolled up to a stoplight… wanting to turn left but stay in the right lane… i got into the left turning lane… confusing myself…

Am I in the right lane?  Will this be okay?  I’m fine, right?

All this thinking, and I TOTALLY forgot to unclip.  All the sudden, I’m at a stand-still and panicking… there’s no time to get a leg out.

This is it., I thought… and I went down.

There was a truck next to me… not close enough for me to catch myself on it, but close enough for me to slam some body parts into as I fell… making a huge ruckus.

The driver of the truck turned it off, jumped out of the vehicle and yelled…


Me, immediately jumping up like, “What?  Fall?  Me?  Nooo… Haha… I’m fine,” I could only say to this helpful fellow…

– Nope.  Nope.  Nope.  Nope.  Nope.  Nope.

Then I finally got it out…

– No one hit me, I just fell over.  Sorry.

– My goodness!  It sounded like you fell from the sky!

– Well, ha, I’m really tall?  [dear lord.]

[the light is turning green.]

– Alright, I hope you’re okay!

– I hope your truck’s okay!

And then I bashfully got back on to the bike, hardly got my feet back into the pedals, and slumped off… not even paying attention to the cars behind me… but I know this conversation will happen many times around town now…

– Do you know Rachel Stevens?

– Not well… but I saw her fall into a truck at a stoplight once!

Good grief.

I finally got to Pica’s [aforementioned taco joint] and found the 14 people I was meeting with, waiting on me.

Noticing I was frazzled, Evan asked me…

– What happened?  You okay?

– I fell over at a stoplight.  I need five margaritas.

Happens to everybody.

1 thought on “nope. nope. nope. nope. nope.”

  1. love this story. last summer it happened to me in my driveway…and i also swore it WOULD never happen to me….I still have 5 little scars on my right calf where the chain will ate my leg because I was still clipped in.

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