for now.

social internetting is HARD these days!

complaining about nothing = everything is awesome.  [remember that.]

i am completely obsessed with this project…

[side note: in this life, sometime, i will design posters like these and wear dresses like these…]

totally ob-sessed.

these all come from here: and i was informed of them via my friend, ashely.

can someone find me a dress to match the decemberists poster i made ages ago?…

and you should know that i completely intend to deliver you [the reader, my love, a subscriber] a mix of music of some sort in the near future… and you’ll have to listen to these songs and envision me bed dancing [get your mind outta the gutter] to all three of these for now…

…i love this video.  i think florence [and her machine] are awesome.

[it’s all this and it’s all now… for now.]

2 thoughts on “for now.”

  1. So, I’m thinking that I might be the winner of the dress contest by default since maybe there were no other entries.Although it probably wasn’t what you’re looking for, I did try my best searching cool places I remember you “use to” frequent (that may be the problem right there.) Anyways,as a contestant, I am awaiting to see my compitition or collect my winnings. Do I have to envision you bed dancing while listening to the mix of songs you promised to deliver?

  2. HA! you did win. oh, man… and i LOVE that dress.

    ah, yes… the mix… will i ever have time?? maybe i’ll drink a cup of coffee tomorrow night and get ‘er done.

    and maybe i’ll have to send you a prize for winning the competition… you ARE on the good list this year [somehow us stevens women keep on sneaking on there], maybe i’ll send an early christmas prize.

    love you! so so much!

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