i follow my heart…


First off, thank you.  Thank all of you for just being so awesome.

When the shit hit the fan and I was lost and broken, the first thing I thought was, “I am going to be with loved ones. No matter what I do next, I will be around love.”  And the first place I thought of was my former home, Jackson Hole.

So I sent out an email.  A very desperate email…. only made more pathetic by the fact that we are in a recession and EVERYONE is looking for a job.  I wrote to about twelve people, telling them that essentially, “I am lost, I have nothing, but I want to be around you guys and I trust it will be okay.  Does anyone know of anything?”

The next morning, my inbox was bursting and my heart was full.  Amazing encouragement from such beautiful people.  Friends stepping up and being there for me in ways I couldn’t have imagined.  I physically felt like I was being wrapped up in hugs, letting me collapse into friends with teared, “Thank you”s.  I have multiple random part-time jobs lined up and offers for couches galore until I find a place.  I’m gonna make it.  It’s going to be okay.  Love.




So, on June 16th I will leave Sydney at 1:10pm and arrive just ten minutes later [1:20pm, June 16th] in LA.  Then from there, I’ll have a red-eye through Denver [where I’ll hopefully get to see K$] and then onward to Jackson.  Hallelujah.

Packing up my life, I got to look through the little bits that I take with me everywhere.  I found a card that my friend, Dan Long, had given me for a birthday, right before I left to work in Yosemite.  It made me cry…

“…We’ve had some amazing times that I’ll never forget.  You may be following your heart to Yosemite, but I know it will lead you back to us soon…”

Yes and yes.

I am very excited about this move… though it is weird and will be hard for a bit… I know it will be okay.

[so beautiful. so excited.]
so beautiful. so excited.

5 thoughts on “i follow my heart…”

  1. Hallelujah! That is wonderful news. I am so glad that you were able to find some help through friends. I am sorry it all had to go down like this but there is a reason for everything. And now you don’t have to get deported! WOOHOO! Are you going to move back to Jackson? You should come visit around July 20th and see our little Dylan. You can be our nanny, but don’t eat all our Nutella and we are going to need you to work all Holidays and we will “forget” to pay you but your used to that so no problem.

  2. Well, I vote for you coming to Birmingham… but what do I know?
    (Couch-shmouch – we’ve got a spare bed for you… think about it.)

  3. I knew you’d be okay. If you find yourself in the DFW for some odd reason we have a guest bedroom.
    I still want to punch their faces in.

  4. Rach, I know it is still hard but I am relieved you will be surrounded by friends who love you. And if you ever want to try out a different Jackson in the near future, like ya know, Jackson, Mississippi, just let me know cause I hear it’s a really cool place. Like you said yourself, if it is shaped like Marge Simpson’s head it has to be alright.

  5. oh yes. even if i just hang out in the airport with you for 8 hours. i wouldn’t miss time with my one and only fun faucet for anything.

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