where would we be?

Went over to Idaho today.

Met with an awesome woman from the Teton Valley Community School.  Fell in love.  Not with Cindy, though she was lovely, but with the school.  Wow.

Talked about graphic design.

Am inspired.

Ate at Scratch with Stacey [she’s the designer I wanna be].  Scratch = new fave eats?  Mayhaps.

Stared designing in Stace’s new studio.

lots of sunflowers.
lots of sunflowers.

Felt like a real designer.

Listened to good music.

Couldn’t find my journal.

Though I left it at Scratch.

Called.  Yep, left it at the restaurant.

– Crap.  You think they read it?  Oh gosh, I hope not.

– Oh, they definitely read it.

Went in… it was sitting at a table… mighty close to a girl who I did not know.

– Is this yours?

– Oh… No, it’s not.

– Yeah, it’s mine.

Took it.  Left.  Embarrassed.

But it’s okay.  I’m not embarrassed anymore.

An excerpt, I’ll share.  I guess if the staff and strangers of Scratch read it, I can share it with you…

“It’s okay that it hurts.  It’s okay that you loved… even that it was a painful love.  How great is it?  What would love be if it wasn’t blinding?  If it wasn’t weakening?  Where would we be?”

2 thoughts on “where would we be?”

  1. be ashamed of nothing that you write. Unless it sounds something like oobygloobyglapyflap…even then, be proud. Because oobygloobyglapyflap is fun to say out loud.

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