…and then lied about it for the next two years.

After a long day, I came home to this…

a pleasant supplies.
a pleasant supplies.

It reads…


Sorry I ate your dinosaur cookie from Bishop and then lied about it for the next two years.  I got you this replacement from Pendl’s*.  It’s technically a tea cake, but it’s the best I could do.

Looove You,

You must be thinking, “Ohhh, how sweet.  That Anna girl is a doll”… but, NO!  You’re forgetting why I am now receiving this dinosaur tea cake.

Two years ago, Anna and I traveled to my favorite place on earth.  [Yosemite, California.]  We climbed, danced, drank, swam, climbed, danced and [most importantly] visited the best damn bakery in the whole wide world: Schat’s.

There, my favorite bakery, I found the most amazing thing:  A dinosaur sugar cookie with green icing and Sour Patch Kid candies on top.

You must be thinking, “Gross”… but, WRONG!  “Awesome” was the word you were looking for…

Dinosaurs = Favorite Animal.

Sugar Cookies w/ Icing = Favorite Cookie.

Green = Favorite Color.

Sour Patch Kids = Favorite Candy.

This Cookie = Mind-Blowingly Awesome.

Naturally, I bought it.  But I was so amazed by it that I couldn’t eat it… not just yet.  So, I saved it.  I saved it “for a really bad day… then I’ll eat it and it will be the best day of my life.”

It traveled from California back to Wyoming with me.  I would constantly check on “THE cookie”.

I set it in an assumed safe place in the kitchen and went about my normal life.

It wasn’t but three days after coming back from our trip that I had a bad day.  It was time for THE cookie.

I went to the safe place, looked to my white paper bag… became terrified when I picked it up… THE BAG WAS EMPTY.  Only the crumbs of the happiest cookie on earth remained.

I kindly consulted my many roommates…


– What?  What happened?  It’s not there??


– I dunno… I didn’t… [this was repeated in rounds by them all.]

I was so upset.  In the end, I think they convinced me that mice might’ve had their way with it… but I was still pretty skeptical that a mouse crawled INTO the bag, ate the WHOLE cookie and then crawled back out and CLOSED the bag.

Later, I confided in my lovely roommate, Anna…

– I’m still upset about that dinosaur cookie mishap a year ago…

– Yeah, I really think Chris ate it.

– Really?!  That bastard…

– Yeah… bastard…

So, I finally let it slide… I think I finally got over it when I got to have another dinosaur cookie the next year… during my next visit to Schat’s.

Turns out, Anna actually ate the cookie… she was SO good at hiding it!  Apparently, she got home one night STARVING and just could not resist the T-Rex cookie… Can you blame her?  YES.  But will you still accept this cookie as payment?  Well, of course… it’s deluscious.

And it goes amazingly with ginger beer…

what?  ain't nothin' wrong with a graphic designer who gets paid in ginger beer.
what? ain't nothin' wrong with a graphic designer who gets paid in ginger beer.

*Pendl’s is my favorite Teton Valley bakery… and AND they serve flat whites.

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