smiles are pretty.

[everything is just so so exciting.]

Yesterday I awoke early and started out on my bike.  The Tetons beamed in the morning light at me whilst I yawned into a smile.  I thought, I am so lucky.

The loveliness of this now.  This day.  This love.  This joy.  I am lucky.

I sang this song to myself all morning:

Until I heard this:

I have a new favorite shirt:



I have a new project to get excited about:


by moi.


That is not yet their name… and definitely not yet their logo… but soon [yes, soon!] Jackson, Wyoming will have a community bike workshop courtesy of some of the raddest people in town.  [holler.]  I am a wee bit psyched.

I have a new fave song:

This morning [yes, today!] I heard myself in a coffee shop.  [yes, literally heard myself]  Our local radio station played one of my pre-recorded shows this morning!  I was so excited.  Like a little kid.

I went to work and turned it on for my clients.  I told them…

– Hey, listen!  It’s me!

Hey there, Jackson, it’s Rachel here on 89.1 KHOL…

– That’s not you.

– Yes, it is!  I promise!

– Nuh uh… You’re right here.

– I know… I recorded that earlier… I promise it’s me!

[a mason jennings song comes on.]

My client puts her ear reeeeeal close to the radio and listens for a while before she says…

– You’re lying.  That’s not you.  That’s a boy singing.


I texted a couple friends to inform them how famous I was for two hours this morning.

A response: “Damn you sound good on the air”

I could have kissed him on the lips.

[that is beautifulness sent to me by the lovely, mary susan.]

Yes and yes.

All lovely, all exciting times.

My tea tag reads: We are here to love each other, serve each other and uplift each other.

I hope you feel loved.

[because you are.]

Feel served.

[or something.]

Feel uplifted.

[because smiles are pretty.]

found on le love.

Do you ever wonder what blahgs looked like before we all geeked out?

a blast from the past.

I had to blur it out a bit… so you couldn’t read.  [you’re such a snoop.]

This is one of my favorite pages in my journal.  Special.  Good things written and I also just like the way the pages look together.  Yes and yes.

What if I started a blahg that was just me holding up pages in my journal for you all to read?

It’s almost the same thing.

I guess.

Time for bed.


3 thoughts on “smiles are pretty.”

  1. you were incredible. evan and caitlyn and i sat in his kitchen saying how perfect you are for being on the radio. such a personality and such a radio-y voice. well done miss stevens.

  2. oh, katerina… i love you. i so much wish i was sitting with you and evan and caitlyn eating breakfast pizza that morning. thanks for being a fan of the program… you’re like my #3 fan.

    kate, i do listen to her every so often… i like her hair.

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